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This site grants you access to various pages about myself: All About Me, my Professional Profile, Jobs, CV Short.

You can decide if you're interested in my story by exploring the More About Me page.

My website serves as a timeline with many "Personal Events" regarding my life. I have reported my feelings, inner thoughts, personal opinions, and past experiences that I have been a part of firsthand and as a spectator. Moreover, you will discover events about my daily life that have affected not only me but those who are a part of my life as well.

In addition, through a series of websites linked together with photos, diaries, music, and notes from my travels around the world, you can discover my personal interests. These personal experiences have served as “medicine” for the spirit in a modern and technological way to keep my mind alert and healthy.

There are also three projects where you can contribute with personal documents and comments:

  1. A journey in time, a graphic and pictorial timeline, which rebuilds memories with pictures and news, year by year since the mid-70s until now.

  2. A blog, regularly updated with ideas, thoughts and personal opinions, which to me have a reason to be written, discussed and remembered.

  3. Pictures from travel diaries that I created myself over the years.

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If your world is falling apart and you are looking for a scapegoat for your problems, please leave my page for I can’t help you.

However, if your world is falling apart, but you still want to learn about the personal history of many unknown men, please feel free to explore their events, opinions, hopes, and stories. Please leave comments if you have time. The main entry point is everywhere.

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The text and illustrations featured in this website, except for those indicated, are originals. With the exception of Wikipedia references, that I used because I’m a member, the lyrics found on this site are taken from specialized public websites. All of the songs, which I legally purchased on iTunes or uploaded from a CD or DVD, are credited appropriately. Songs are made available in compressed format .3gp (smart-phone & websites) pursuant to Art. 70 of IT Law 633/41 and art. 2 of IT Law No 2 / 2008 paragraph 1-bis. in order to exchange personal opinions.

Pisa - April 28, 2015


This blog is not a journal as it is updated without any periodicity. It cannot therefore be regarded as an editorial product under IT Law No 62, 7.03.2001


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